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Qatar is a small peninsula on the western shore of the Arabian Gulf that covers approcimately 4,247 square miles (6,286 square kilometer), however,it is now known to be the richest country on the planetwith the national property fund is about 200.000 billion USD and income per capita is 99.000 USD, ranked the first in the world. It is not too amazing when this country owns a number of banks and leading property.Qatar has taken the lead in not only economy but also almost of every fields. In sport field, it is well known with the celebrated football team- Paris Sant-Germain. Obvisously, this country won the right to holdWorldcup 2022 - the biggest sport event in over the world.This is a really gold change for most investors in this marvelous country, especially for architechtural contractors. We can see how rich this country is when the government is going to spend a lot of money on building a giant stadium with modern anti-heat system as well as 58 high buidings in Doha. Besides, they also will spend a big budget on building many commercial centres andmusiams. This seems to be unbelievable,however, with Qatar’s wealth, this country is truly able to build a heaven on desert.

Lusail is a potential city of this country, located about 23km north of the city centre of Doha. With the aim to develop this city, Qatar’s government does not hesitate to invest 45 billion to make this city become a smart city with automatically controlled traffic system, operated by modern computer system.The development of Qatar is also great chance for both constructed companies and the excellent contractors in over the world, which enables them to cooperate as well as share ideas and creation to make dream come true.

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